Child Care Fee Schedule

Toddler Program:                        18 mo – 30 mo $59.00/day
Preschool Program:                     2.5 – 3.8 years $41.00/day
B&A Kindergarten Program:  4 – 5 years $29.00/day (instructional)
$38.00/day (non-instructional)
Primary & Junior SA Program: 6 – 13 years $24.00/day (instructional)
$36.00/day (non-instructional)
Do you qualify for subsidy?  Click here to see the subsidy calculator.
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Part time care and fees may also be available.  The Centre accepts enrolment on a first come, first served basis, however; priority will be given to full time children.  Children enrolled part-time will be required to pay for Statutory Holidays that fall on their scheduled day of enrolment.

If the Centre is at full enrolment and additional spaces are required, part-time children may be required to take a full time space or forfeit their space.  Families would be given at least two weeks notice if this situation arose.

 Fee Payment Policy

  1. Payment is to be made with post-dated cheques payable to the Cardinal Leger Child Care Centre or by email transfer for the first of the month as follows:

Full Fee Families                 January to June / July to December

Subsidy Families                 Jan to Mar/Apr to June/July to Sept/Oct to Dec

  1. If payment has not been received by the 15th of the month, the Centre reserves the right to withdraw the child upon two weeks notice.
  2. Any family who has withdrawn their child from the Centre with fees in arrears, and those who have had their child care services terminated due to fees in arrears, will not be eligible for readmission until such time all fees and applicable penalties are paid in full.
  3. The fees will not be adjusted in any way for statutory holidays, vacations, illness, or if your child is absent from the program for any reason.
  4. In the event Cardinal Leger Child Care Centre receives an NSF cheque, the family will be notified and required to replace the amount along with a $50.00 NSF fee immediately via money order, certified cheque, or cash only.  Should this occur on two or more occasions, future payments may be required via money order, certified cheque, or cash.